About NHS


NHS provides innovative solutions to support the unique needs of the individuals we serve by striving to create a caring and responsive environment that promotes the highest standards of integrity and quality.

Core Values


Each person actively accepts the responsibility to behave in a manner consistent with NHS' mission and values.


The more diverse we become, the stronger we will be. NHS embraces individual uniqueness, respecting and utilizing different perspectives and strengths, treating everyone with dignity and fairness.


NHS steadfastly adheres to moral and ethical principles reflected in honesty and consistency in how we think,
speak and act as a trained compliant company.


NHS leads the industry by seeking, developing and empowering the best people while encouraging a collaborative environment to foster innovation in human services.


NHS continuously seeks to understand our customer's expectations and then exceed them.

Social Responsibility

NHS believes in strong communities. By creating an active presence and trusting partnerships in our communities, we more effectively advocate with our constituents.


NHS' responsibility is to build a stronger and more enduring company with fiscal integrity. All employees are active partners in enhancing the NHS brand, meeting our commitments to stakeholders, ensuring financial stability, developing people and helping to improve our communities.


NHS encourages a collaborative environment where individuals combine energy and expertise to achieve a common goal. We believe excellence is a result of acknowledging individual contributions, valuing positive conflict, building consensus and producing results.


The NHS legacy in the mental health movement is a direct result of the foresight of the creators of John F. Kennedy's New Frontier and the resulting Community Mental Health Act of 1963 which provided federal funding for community mental health centers. When legislators in Pennsylvania announced the availability of those funds, Philadelphia established the Office of Mental Health and Mental Retardation in 1968 to coordinate and administer services and funding to the mentally disabled. A group of professionals in the northwest section of the city wrote a grant proposal and the Northwest Center became one of the first three base service units in Philadelphia.

The Northwest Center opened its doors at 27 E. Mt Airy Avenue in Philadelphia in October 1969 and provided five mandated services: inpatient, outpatient, partial hospitalization, information and referral and community organization and outreach. That rich history and tradition continues to this day. From one site in Philadelphia, NHS has grown to a multi- state, multi- service system, non- profit provider of human services, one of the largest in the country. While the geography and services have changed and expanded over the years the mission has remained firm and committed.

Today, NHS is still the safety net for people who otherwise could not afford care and who often "fall between the cracks" of bureaucracy and red tape. In spite of financial challenges and dwindling public resources, NHS continues to pursue excellence in all aspects of care and treatment. Surrounding our professional staff with the best in technology and supports NHS is a leader in the industry and remains committed to helping peopleā€¦one individual at a time.


NHS employs over 10,500 of the most committed, qualified individuals in the human services field. The synergy between program and support staff has allowed NHS to excel in care and treatment, information technology, facility improvements, human resources, compliance and communication. NHS staff are known for exceeding expectations in providing the highest level of care and for developing program models to meet the needs of each individual. NHS staff have logged in countless hours and traveled thousands of miles to establish programs throughout the NHS service system which now incorporates multiple states. NHS staff are committed to continuous professional improvement and career development to ensure that NHS always provides state of the art, cutting edge programming.

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